Alive and well: A workbook for recovering your body

Type: Book

Title: Alive and well: A workbook for recovering your body

Author: Justice, Rita

Year: 1996
Publisher: Peak Press
City: Houston, TX
Country: USA

ISBN: 0-9605376-3-5
Type: paperback
ISBN pages: 305


(from cover) 'Dr Rita Justice has written a very wise and gentle book that will help reacquaint us with an old friend: our body. She reminds us that we do not have a body, we are our body. This book could only have been written by a very wise woman. If taken seriously, Alive and Well could eliminate 90% of the reason people go to doctors. An extremely valuable contribution to the field of mind-body healing.'


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Key Phrases: Mind Body Healing - Psychotherapy - Addicts - Mind & Body - Massage
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