Anger, hostility, and the heart

Type: Book

Title: Anger, hostility, and the heart

Author: Siegman, Aron Wolfe; Smith, Timothy W. (Eds)

Year: 1994
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
City: Hillsdale, N.J.
Country: USA

ISBN: 080581194X
ISBN pages: xv 288


Contents: Introduction / Aron Wolfe Siegman and Timothy W. Smith -- 1. From Type A to Hostility to Anger: Reflections on the History of Coronary-Prone Behavior / Aron Wolfe Siegman -- 2. Concepts and Methods in the Study of Anger, Hostility, and Health / Timothy W. Smith -- 3. The Assessment of Anger and Hostility / John C. Barefoot and Isaac M. Lipkus -- 4. Associations of Hostility and Coronary Artery Disease: A Review of Studies / Karin F. Helmers, Donna M. Posluszny and David S. Krantz -- 5. Anger, Hostility, and Psychophysiological Reactivity / B. Kent Houston -- 6. Basic Biological Mechanisms / Redford B. Williams, Jr. -- 7. Animal Models of Aggression and Cardiovascular Disease / Jay R. Kaplan, M. Babette Botchin and Stephen B. Manuck -- 8. Personality and Anger in Cardiovascular Disease: Toward a Psychological Model / Richard J. Contrada -- 9. Cardiovascular Consequences of Expressing and Repressing Anger / Aron Wolfe Siegman. -- 10. Hostility and Risk: Demographic and Lifestyle Variables / Ilene C. Siegler -- 11. Anger and Hostility: Potential Mediators of the Gender Difference in Coronary Heart Disease / Catherine M. Stoney and Tilmer O. Engebretson -- 12. Anger Reduction: Issues, Assessment, and Intervention Strategies / Jerry L. Deffenbacher.


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Key Phrases: Psychosomatic Aspects Of Coronary Heart Disease - Anger - Hostility - Type A Behavior
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