Analytical fluid dynamics

Type: Book

Title: Analytical fluid dynamics

Author: Emanuel, George

Year: 1994
Publisher: CRC Press
City: Boca Raton, Fl.
Country: USA

ISBN: 084938687X
ISBN pages: xi 424


Contents: Pt. I. Basic Concepts. Ch. 1. Background Discussion. Ch. 2. The Conservation Equations. Ch. 3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Ch. 4. Kinematics -- Pt. II. Inviscid Flow. Ch. 5. Euler Equations. Ch. 6. Shock Wave Dynamics. Ch. 7. The Hodograph Transformation. Ch. 8. The Substitution Principle -- Pt. III. Exact Solutions for a Viscous Flow. Ch. 9. Coordinate Systems and Similarity. Ch. 10. Rayleigh Flow. Ch. 11. Couette Flow. Ch. 12. Stagnation Point Flow -- Pt. IV. Laminar Boundary-Layer Theory for Steady Two-Dimensional or Axisymmetric Flow. Ch. 13. Incompressible Flow over a Flat Plate. Ch. 14. Large Reynolds Number Flow. Ch. 15. Incompressible Boundary-Layer Theory. Ch. 16. Compressible Boundary-Layer Theory. Ch. 17. Supersonic Boundary-Layer Examples. Ch. 18. Second-Order Boundary-Layer Theory -- App. A: Summary of Equations from Vector and Tensor Analysis -- App. B: Conditions on the Downstream Side of a Steady Shock Wave in a Two-Dimensional or Axisymmetric Flow of a Perfect Gas. -- App. C: Method of Characteristics for a Single, First-Order PDE -- App. D: Tangential Derivatives on the Downstream Side of a Shock in the xi[subscript 1] and xi[subscript 2] Directions -- App. E: Conservation and Vector Equations in Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates xi[subscript i] -- App. F: Conservation Equations in Body-Oriented Coordinates -- App. G: Summary of Compressible, Similar Boundary-Layer Equations -- App. H: Second-Order Boundary-Layer Equations for Supersonic, Rotational Flow over a Flat Plate.


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