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Journal Working with the inner body: Two case studies Grand, Ian J.
Journal Workshop: A homecoming walk into your core Arthur, Barbara S.
Journal Workshop: Changing perception: Working with eyes, the windows of the soul Schwartzberg, Cynthia
Journal Workshop: Coming home to the core of your birth family Giuffra, Mary J.
Journal Workshop: Feel the body: A didactic introduction to body works, leading to consciousness and sensitization Borges, Milton Fernandes
Journal Workshop: Giving and receiving Kretschmar, Ilse
Journal Workshop: Human life, core energetics and Chinese medicine Freire, Marcos
Journal Workshop: Releasing the head and neck Chubbuck, Pamela
Journal Workshop: The I and thou relationship Dror, Miriam
Journal Workshop: The masculine and feminine in the body Say, Bill
Journal Workshop: Touch for pleasure, for life Bard, Phyllis Haber
Journal Workshop: Transforming the lower self: A ritual of renewal Neitlich, Jill
Journal Workshop: Working with addictions and Core Energetics Carl, Elizabeth; Bradley, Ann; Harris, Margot
Journal Workshop: Working with the symbology of the chakras: Coming home to the self Schwartzberg, Cynthia
Journal Worksing with various client groups and symptoms Stauffer, Kathrin
Journal Worksite health promotion and stress management. Special issue: Mind-body health at work. Fielding, Jonathon E.
Journal Yes I do have legs: A body-centered perspective of dissociation and psychotherapy Fraser, Anthea, McKenzie, Narelle, and Showell, Jacqui
Journal Yoga: Its scientific and applied aspects. Krishna Rao, P.V.
Journal Young children's awareness of the mind-body distinction Inagaki, Kayoko; Hatano, Giyoo
Journal Young women's ways ... Allain Dupre, Brigitte