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Dissertation The body-mind problem. Developmental psychological fundamentals of a body-oriented therapy illustrated by the concentrative motion therapy Cserny, Sylvia
Dissertation The psychopathic character structure: A correlational study of body type and personality correlates Dudas, Thomas A.
Dissertation Wilhelm Reich's theoretical model. Subject and method of body oriented psychotherapy Wolkerstorfer, Martin
Dissertation Wilhelm Reichs Erkenntnismodell Gegenstand und Methode in der koerperorientierten Psychotherapie Wolkerstorfer, Martin
Thesis An investigation by questionnaire of some clients experience of bodywork psychotherapy. West, W.
Thesis Der romantische-oder narzißtische-Charakter. Wesen, Kulturgeschichte,Therapie Joachim Vieregge
Thesis Empty Mind—Full Belly: A Conceptual Exploration and Depth Inquiry into a Reflection Process of Somatic Instinctual Responses in the Area of the Hara and Solar Plexus Silver (Martha) Love
Thesis Grounding: The Creative Process of the Embodied Soul Delibert, Anne Schwartz
Thesis Mind over body : James Jackson Putnam and the impact of neurology on psychotherapy in the late nineteenth-century America Wilkerson, Stephen Young
Thesis NWthpmDfQMC wbbhpuj
Thesis Pilot study demonstrating the use of Albert Pesso's systematic Psychomotor training technique with acting-out adolescent females. Niles, Karen. E.
Thesis The relationship between burnout, somatic complaints and illnesses and levels of self-actualization of registered nurses in Columbus, Ohio Oganowski, Joan Leslie
Thesis The romantic or narcissistic Character. Essence, Cultural History, Therapy Joachim Vieregge