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Mathematics with vision (First International Mathematica Symposium)

Type: Conference

Conference: Mathematics with vision (First International Mathematica Symposium)


Date: 1995
Location: Southampton, UK

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Format: Proceedings


Contents: Mathematica and people - making the future / A. Hayes -- Term rewriting and programming paradigms / R. E. Maeder -- Mathematica as part of a hypermedia learning environment / K. Antchev, J. Multisilta and S. Pohjolainen -- Descartes-2D, a program to do perfect drawing and geometry by computer / B. Autin, D. Monasse and S. Perreard -- Approximate symbolic calculations with a functional computing environment / R. Barrere -- Approximate solutions of boundary-value problems using computer algebra software / R. Barrere and A. Carmasol -- An adaptive multiprecision algorithm for univariate polynomial zeros / D. Bini and G. Fiorentino -- Symmetry notebooks of ordinary differential equations / A. V. Bocharov -- Calculations of gamma induced electromagnetic field in a cavity / V. B. Buber -- Symbolic propagation in discrete and continuous Bayesian networks / E. Castillo, J. M. Gutierrez and A. S. Hadi -- A package for symbolic solution of functional equations / E. Castillo, A. Iglesias and A. Cobo.


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Key Phrases: Automatic human movement analysis - Mathematica - Computer program language - Congresses
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