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'Functional relaxation' reduces acute airway obstruction in asthmatics as effectively as inhaled terbutaline

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Article title : 'Functional relaxation' reduces acute airway obstruction in asthmatics as effectively as inhaled terbutaline

Author: Loew, T. H.; Siegfried, W.; Martus, P.; Tritt, K.; Hahn, E. G.

Year: 1996
Journal: Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Vol : Issue 65 :
Pages: 124-128


Compared the effect of terbutaline with a functional relaxation technique in asthmatics. Funktionelle Entspannung (eFE), a functional relaxation brief therapy, is a body oriented psychotherapeutic technique involving body perception when moving the small joints in the body. 17 asthmatic patients (aged 24 83 years) with acute airway obstruction participated over a two day period. Airway resistance (AR) was measured on both days. On Day 1, when spirometry revealed pathological AR values, a dose of terbutaline was administered. After 15 minutes, pulmonary functional testing (PFT) of vital capacity (VC), forced vital capacity (FVC), and AR were performed. On Day 2, if AR was again elevated, the patients were offered the chance to learn a relaxation technique that would improve respiratory function. PFT measurements were taken 5 and 10 minutes after learning eFE. Both therapies led to a significant reduction in AR values. 80 percent of the patients showed significant success (at least a 20 percent improvement in resistance) following eFE, whereas 40 percent showed significant success after terbutaline treatment. These results indicate that a psychotherapeutic technique such as this could be used as a complimentary treatment for asthmatic patients. (Lynn Feldhaus ZPID)


Author's institution: Universitaet Erlangen, Germany; Klinik fuer Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie
Language: English
Country origin: Germany

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Entry date: 7 June 2004

Key Phrases: Asthma - Relaxation Therapy - Drug Therapy - Psychotherapeutic Outcomes - Psychosomatic Disorders - Muscle Relaxation - Respiration Stimulating Drugs - Treatment Effectiveness Evaluation
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