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Healing relationships through vulnerability: A feminist body-mind approach

Type: Dissertation

Title: Healing relationships through vulnerability: A feminist body-mind approach

Author: Silver, Nina

Date: (1966)
Purpose: Dissertation

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Healing relationships shows how the distortion of vulnerability creates violence, misogyny and sexual abuse. Each chapter addresses an aspect of human sexual expression as it relates to vulnerability: the biological basis of passion; the invulnerability of gender roles; sadomasochism as a perversion of vulnerability; the suppression of passion and sex by organized popular religion; the fragmentation of the psyche that pornography and prostitution induce; romantic-love (not genuine love) that is a mass-marketed form of incest; men's fear of being vulnerable that causes them to abuse children and women; and the sexual reversal (infantalizing of women and adulteration of children) that this fear creates.
Healing Relationships addresses intimacy blocks and the stalemate in invulnerable and unegalitarian relating by explaining how to utilize the innate wisdom of the body to be vulnerable. Vulnerability, essential for authentic sexual pleasure, liberates the humanity of both sexes, thus creating healthy sexual relationships built on love, passion, respect and trust.


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Key Phrases: Sexuality - Reich - Feminism - Relationships - Vulnerability
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