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Grounding: The Creative Process of the Embodied Soul

Type: Thesis

Title: Grounding: The Creative Process of the Embodied Soul

Author: Delibert, Anne Schwartz

Date: 2002
Purpose: Training Requirement paper

Reference for thesis or dissertation: Senior Project



Summary of paper (or non-traditional abstract):
What I'm learning from inside myself is that grounding is a breathing, living, pulsating process. All the information and inspiration about grounding cannot truly be put together, because as soon as it acquires a structure, the structure evolves. (This is also the nature of Organismic Psychotherapy.) Nonetheless, I will attempt to piece together some of what I've learned about grounding to show two things; one, that grounding is the foundation for growth and good health and two, that being well grounded in the world and within oneself springs from the spiritual, creative principle of the masculine and the feminine. I cannot prove these statements. I have done no research aside from the living laboratory of my own process and that of my clients. What inspires me to write about grounding is to summarize what I've learned about it in my training programs and experience as a therapist and to convey my intuitive thinking about the subject.
I especially want to convey that although I am writing about body psychotherapy, I am also writing about my vision of the spiritual underpinnings of this work. At its simplest, being well grounded means that we are productive and we know how to rest. Becoming well grounded means that all our parts learn to work together and that some parts step aside while others are in the limelight. At the deepest levels, being well grounded means that we express unified aspects of the divine, especially, the divine principles of creation that encompass both the masculine and the feminine. We learn to express and satisfy our deepest soul needs as our inherent core selves emerge. As we become whole, we reflect the oneness of the divine.

Unpublished paper written to fulfill the Senior Project requirement for the four-year training program and certification by the Washington Institute for Body Psychotherapy. The paper summarizes the basic principles of Malcolm and Katherine Brown's Organismic Psychotherapy and includes personal interpretations and associations with the fundamental process of grounding.


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Key Phrases: Grounding - Organismic Psychotherapy - Somatics
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