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The romantic or narcissistic Character. Essence, Cultural History, Therapy

Type: Thesis

Title: The romantic or narcissistic Character. Essence, Cultural History, Therapy

Author: Joachim Vieregge

Date: 1997
Purpose: Thesis is a lecture from the 2nd Congress of Integrative Biodynamics in Berlin, June 1995

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Length: 20 pages


The thesis starts with an interpretation of 4 poems of the romantic German poet Joseph v. Eichendorff which exemplify aspects of the romantic-narcisstisc character:
a) Euphoric departure; b) Longing in the transition-space; c) Alienatiom from reality; d) On the Borderline. Finally suggestions are discussed, how to end the melancholia and to support the core-qualities of the romantic personality.


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Contact: Joachim Vieregge. Ruffinistr. 2, D-80637 München
Language: German
Country origin: USA

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Entered by: Joachim G. Vieregge
Entry date: 14 September 2011

Key Phrases: The narcisstic character of today has its forerunners in the romantic character, which developped in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. This coherence is explained in this thesis.
References: The thesis is part of a collection of the lectures held at the Congress about Narcissism in Berlin 1995. It is published only in German. Source: Narzissmuss. Körperpsychotherapie zwischen Energie und Beziehung. ed. by: Verein für Integrative Biodynamik. Berlin 1997. Simon+Leutner. ISBN 3-922389-77-5
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