For nearly 20 years, the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP), has been working on a project: - to make a listing of published material about Body-Psychotherapy, and to make this listing as full and complete and available as possible.

This is the EABP Bibliography of Body-Psychotherapy - a powerful research tool - with a wide selection of material, search facilities, and the possibility for you to add in new entries. Previously available only on CD-ROM, the EABP Bibliography is now on-line, with about 4,500 entries; and soon to be expanded further. We hope that you will both find it useful and also enjoy using it.

EABP is committed to developing this project and we are constantly looking for additional Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology material, from different modalities and training schools, from different countries and in different languages. We really hope that you can help us to develop this resource.