About the bibliography


In 1996, the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP) committed itself to a project: starting to build-up, on an electronic database, a comprehensive bibliography of Body Psychotherapy and related material, so that this could be used as an important resource and research tool. The main protagonist for this project was Courtenay Young.

By the summer of 2001, we had built it up to 1,500+ entries. It then took us quite a while to overcome some of the formatting and production difficulties, and we are still researching permission for some entries with copyright attached. In 2002, we produced an initial 1,000 copies of this database, as a demonstration version only, on CD-ROM, using FileMaker Pro, in formats for both PC and Apple Macs.

The 2nd edition, in 2006, also on CD-ROM, contained over 3,700 entries of published or available Body-Psychotherapy material in a variety of different formats: Books, Chapters in Books, Journal Articles, Conference Papers, Dissertations & Theses, Film, Videos, Tapes, and even B-P Websites, etc.

The 3rd version, as used on this website, is an expanded and adapted version of that 2nd version, with now about 4,500 entries. It is only available via the Internet. We are consistently looking for more B-P material, from different Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology modalities, from a variety of B-P/S-P training schools, and in different languages, and we are still fully committed to developing this project. We hope to increase this database, with your help, to between 7,500 - 10,000 entries, within the next few years.


Entry format: Each type of entry (Books, Chapters, Journals, Film, Tape, Conference, etc.) has fairly standard entry formats: Title, Author(s), Date, and then varies depending on the entry type: Publisher, City, Country, ISBN cover type, pages, etc. (for books); or Journal, Vol., Issue, Pages, (for articles) etc. Please give as much information as you are able.

Abstracts & Key Words: This database is not just a simple listing of books and articles, but an informative and comprehensive bibliographic research tool. Each entry has an abstract and key words (all searchable), lists the author’s institution (where known), and contact information (where available), and has a lot of other informational material.

Foreign Languages: We are dedicated to making entries both in the language of origin, as well as a corresponding entry in English. Therefore there will be two entries in the Bibliography for all foreign (non-English) language articles and books, etc. So you will be able to search in the language of your choice, and then see what entries we have in that language. English language speakers will also be able to see what is available in other languages from the corresponding English entry.


The 2nd edition (Oct 2006) on CD-ROM (both PC and Mac) is still available from the EABP Secretariat (email link) for the price of €25 (Euros) and also from the USABP bureau. It is available free to EABP and USABP Members, who can also order extra copies for their students / trainees.

The 3rd edition (2009 -> on this internet site) is - of course - available free of charge to anyone, anywhere.

Future Development

We continue to develop and expand this Bibliography, not only by regularly adding new entries - often provided by people interested - like yourselves, but also by adding / providing "links" to the original material where it is available electronically on the internet. The 'providers' or 'copyright-holders' of this material may make a charge to download a copy of this original material. Such charges are made totally independent of the EABP Bibliography: we only provide the link.