Acupuncture case histories from China

Type: Book

Title: Acupuncture case histories from China

Author: Jirui, Chen; Wang, Nissi; (ed)

Year: 1988
Publisher: Eastland Press
City: Seattle, WA
Country: USA

ISBN: 0-939616-07-6
Type: hardcover
ISBN pages: xi 300


(from Introduction) 'One imprtant resource that has been missing from the literature on Chionese Medicine in the West is the case history. From their teachers and textbooks, students can learn the general principles of Chinese medicine, how to differentuate one symptom from another, locate points, insert needles and apply moxibustion. However because Chinese medicine is a medicine of particulars, only through the medium of the case history can a student learn how the principles of Chinese medicine are actually applied in a particular case. It is therefore an indespensible adjunct to personal study and clinical training.'
Included in this volume are one hundred case hsitories contributed by a number of prominent practitioners in the People


Author's institution: Journal of Ttraditional Chinese Medicine; Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China
Country origin: USA

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Key Phrases: Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture - Healing - Diagnosis
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