50 activities for managing stress

Type: Book

Title: 50 activities for managing stress

Author: Bailey, Roy

Year: 1989
Publisher: Gower
City: Aldershot, Hants
Country: UK

ISBN: 0-566-02777-1
Type: folder
ISBN pages: xvi 239


(from Intro) A great deal can be done to combat stress, as the activities in this manual demonstrate. The first essential is to recognise stress and the forms it takes. Once that has been done, you can begin to tackle the problems of stress at work.
You can use the activities to identify and map out the stress profiles of individuals and teams and by this means evaluate the impact stress has on individuals, their work, and team performances in organizations.
The activities in the manual will also enable you to examine the kinds of coping used by individuals, groups and teams to manage the significant personal and occupational roles demands made on them.
The activities will shelp you to show directors, managers, supervisors and other key employees how effective or ineffective their existing coping routines are.


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