Adaptive individuals in evolving populations: Models and algorithms

Type: Book

Title: Adaptive individuals in evolving populations: Models and algorithms

Author: Belew, Richard K.; Mitchell, Melanie (Eds)

Year: 1996
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
City: Reading, Mass.
Country: USA

ISBN: 0201483645
Type: hardcover
ISBN pages: xii 533

ISBN: 0201483696
Type: paperback
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This book arose from a workshop held in July, 1993, sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute's Adaptive Computation Program.
Contents: Introduction / R. K. Belew and M. Mitchell -- Adaptive Computation in Ecology and Evolution: A Guide to Future Research / J. Roughgarden, A. Bergman, S. Shafir and C. Taylor -- The Classics in Their Context, and in Ours / J. Schull -- Of the Influence of the Environment on the Activities and Habits of Animals, and the Influence of the Activities and Habits of These Living Bodies in Modifying Their Organization and Structure / J. B. Lamarck -- A New Factor in Evolution / J. M. Baldwin -- On Modification and Variation / C. Lloyd Morgan -- Canalization of Development and the Inheritance of Acquired Characters / C. H. Waddington -- The Baldwin Effect / G. G. Simpson -- The Role of Somatic Change in Evolution / G. Bateson -- A Model of Individual Adaptive Behavior in a Fluctuating Environment / L. A. Zhivotovsky, A. Bergman and M. W. Feldman -- The Baldwin Effect in the Immune System: Learning by Somatic Hypermutation / R. Hightower, S. Forrest and A. S. Perelson.-- The Effect of Memory Length on Individual Fitness in a Lizard / S. Shafir and J. Roughgarden -- Latent Energy Environments / F. Menczer and R. K. Belew -- The Causes and Effects of Evolutionary Simulation in the Behavioral Sciences / P. M. Todd -- Excerpts from "Principles of Biology" / H. Spencer -- Excerpts from "Principles of Psychology" / H. Spencer -- William James and the Broader Implications of a Multilevel Selectionism / J. Schull -- Excerpts from "The Phylogeny and Ontogeny of Behavior" / B. F. Skinner -- Excerpts from "Adaptation and Intelligence: Organic Selection and Phenocopy" / J. Piaget -- Selective Costs and Benefits of in the Evolution of Learning / T. D. Johnston -- Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Learning / P. M. Todd -- Discontinuity in Evolution: How Different Levels of Organization Imply Preadaptation / O. Miglino, S. Nolfi and D. Parisi -- The Influence of Learning on Evolution / D. Parisi and S. Nolfi. -- Computation and the Natural Sciences / R. K. Belew, M. Mitchell and D. H. Ackley -- How Learning Can Guide Evolution / G. E. Hinton and S. J. Nowlan -- Natural Selection: When Learning Guides Evolution / J. Maynard Smith -- Simulations Combining Evolution and Learning / M. L. Littman -- Optimization with Genetic Algorithm Hybrids that Use Local Searches / W. E. Hart and R. K. Belew.


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