Adrenergic dysfunction and psychobiology

Type: Book

Title: Adrenergic dysfunction and psychobiology

Author: Cameron, Oliver G. (Ed)

Year: 1994
Publisher: American Psychiatric Press
City: Washington, DC
Country: USA

ISBN: 0880484098
ISBN pages: xii 535


Contents: 1. Introduction / Oliver G. Cameron -- 2. The Functional Anatomy of Adrenergic Neuron Systems / Roy A. Glover -- 3. Central Nervous System Noradrenergic-Peptide Interactions / Rita J. Valentino, Guy Drolet and Gary Aston-Jones -- 4. Classification of Adrenergic Receptors / Charles B. Smith and Peggie J. Hollingsworth -- 5. Adrenergic Effects of Psychotropic Drugs / Sally K. Guthrie -- 6. Animal Models of Stress, Adrenergic Dysfunction, and Cardiac Disease / Benjamin H. Natelson, Qiang Chang, John E. Ottenweller, Robert S. Conway and Walter N. Tapp -- 7. Techniques of Adrenergic Functional Assessment / Richard A. Nelesen and Michael G. Ziegler -- 8. Stress and Science / David S. Goldstein -- 9. The Symptoms of Adrenergic Activation / Oliver G. Cameron -- 10. Hypertension and Adrenergic Functioning / Richard A. Nelesen and Joel E. Dimsdale -- 11. Adrenergic Mechanisms in Type A Behavior / Robert H. Schneider -- 12. Adrenergic Mechanisms in Behavioral Interventions / Robert R. Freedman. -- 13. Central Nervous System Adrenergic Function in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease / Alan M. Mellow and Stephen M. Aronson -- 14. Norepinephrine in Schizophrenia / John A. Gurklis, Jr. and Daniel P. van Kammen -- 15. Affective Disorders and Adrenergic Function / Husseini K. Manji, Matthew V. Rudorfer and William Z. Potter -- 16. Adrenergic Dysfunction in Anxiety Disorders / James L. Abelson and Oliver G. Cameron -- 17. Noradrenergic Activity in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa / Walter H. Kaye and Theodore E. Weltzin -- 18. Adrenergic Changes During Alcohol and Drug Intoxication and Withdrawal / Paul Glue, David J. Nutt and Markku Linnoila.


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Key Phrases: Adrenergic Mechanisms - Neuropsychiatry - Psychosomatic Medicine - Central Nervous System - Psychotropic Drugs - Cardiac Disease - Stress - Hypertension - Aging - Alzheimer
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