Advances in reversal theory

Type: Book

Title: Advances in reversal theory

Author: Kerr, J. H.; Murgatroyd, Stephen J.; Apter, Michael J. (Eds)

Year: 1993
Publisher: Swets & Zeitlinger
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

ISBN: 9026512023
ISBN pages: 374


Contents: 1. What is reversal theory? / M. Potocky and S. Murgatroyd -- 2. Phenomenological frames and the paradoxes of experience / M. J. Apter -- 3. Mastery and sympathy: Conceptual elaboration of the transactional states / K. A. O'Connell and M. J. Apter -- 4. A lexicon for the mastery/sympathy and autic/alloic states / K. A. O'Connell -- 5. Reversal theory and the institutionalization of war / M. Foster -- 6. Reversal theory explanations of optimal experience / D. W. Rea -- 7. Plans and planning - and reversals as jokers in the pack / R. I. F. Brown -- 8. Sixty consecutive days: Telic and paratelic states in everyday life / R. Larsen and M. J. Apter -- 9. Predicting persistence: A study of telic and paratelic frustration / S. A. Barr, M. R. McDermott and P. Evans -- 10. The use of an interview and structured coding system to assess metamotivational state / M. Potocky, M. R. Cook and K. A. O'Connell. -- 11. Metamotivational states of tennis players in a competitive situation: An exploratory study / B. A. Wilson -- 12. Distance running: A reversal theory analysis / K. P. Frey -- 13. Normative and other data for the Telic Dominance and Negativism Dominance Scales / P. Tacon and B. Abner -- 14. The development of a Paratelic Dominance Scale / M. R. Cook and M. M. Gerkovich -- 15. The development of the Tension and Effort Stress Inventory (TESI) / S. Svebak -- 16. Planning deficiencies in addictions from the perspective of reversal theory / R. I. F. Brown -- 17. A reversal theory approach for categorizing strategies used to cope with temptations to smoke / K. A. O'Connell, M. Potocky, M. M. Gerkovich and M. R. Cook -- 18. Using the somatic modes of reversal theory to classify relapse crises in ex-smokers / M. M. Gerkovich, M. Potocky, K. A. O'Connell and M. R. Cook -- 19. Employee exercise breaks: Opportunities for reversal / J. H. Kerr. -- 20. Arousability and telic dominance / K. D. Lafreniere, L. A. Gillies, M. P. Cowles and B. B. Toner -- 21. Reversals and switching in Multiple Personality Disorder / R. I. F. Brown -- 22. Metamotivational complexity: The case of Justin, obscene phone caller / S. Murgatroyd -- 23. Sadistic fantasy and its treatment: Theoretical formulation and illustrative case study / B. A. Thomas-Peter -- 24. Negativism and the classification of psychopathy / B. A. Thomas-Peter -- 25. Reversal theory, dramatherapy and psychological health / D. Fontana and L. Valente -- 26. "Science", physics and psychology: Reversal theory and the nature of psychological science / S. Murgatroyd.


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