About a body: working with the embodied mind in psychotherapy

Type: Book

Title: About a body: working with the embodied mind in psychotherapy

Author: Corrigall, J., Payne, H. & Wilkinson, H. (eds)

Year: 2006
Publisher: Routledge
City: Hove
Country: UK

ISBN: 0-415-40071-8
Type: hardcover
ISBN pages: xii 233

ISBN: 0-415-40072-4
Type: paperback
ISBN pages:0 233


(from cover) How does our body reveal us to ourselves? The body con inform the work we do in mental health. This unique collection invites the reader to consider the way we think about the embodied mind, and how it can inform both our lives and our work in psychotherapy and counselling. The body is viewed as integral to the mind in this book and in the approaches illustrated in it. Instead of splitting off the body and treating the patient as a body with a mind, contributors from a variety of approaches ask the redder to consider how we might be with, and work with,


Author's institution: UKCP
Contact: jenny.corrigall@usa.net
Language: English
Country origin: UK

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Entry source: Courtenay Young; USABP Newsletter Summer 2007
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Entry date: 13 September 2006

Key Phrases: Psychotherapy - Mind & Body - Neuroscience - Body Psychotherapy - Mind-Body Relationships
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