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Type Title Author
Book 50 activities for managing stress Bailey, Roy
Book A handbook of psychosomatic medicine, with particular reference to intestinal disorders Cantor, Alfred Joseph
Book A holistic conceptualization of stress and disease Newberry, Benjamin H.; Jaikins-Madden, Janet E.; Gerstenberger, Thomas J.
Book A long-term study of the experimental neurosis in the sheep and dog, with case histories Anderson, Oscar Daniel; Parmenter, Richard
Book A manual of polarity therapy with gentle bio-energetics Overly, Richard C.: Tompkins, Sandra
Book A new method of weather control Kelley, Charles
Book A psychological approach to heart disease List, Jacob Samuel
Book A psychosomatic approach to surgery Ficarra, Bernard J.; Thorek, Max (fwd)
Book A translucent turtle ascends to the stars Heuer, Gottfried
Book A visible wound: A healing journey through breast cancer with practical and s[iritual guidance for women, their partners and families Friedeberger, Julie
Book A Way of Life: Core Energetics Black, Stuart
Book Aan den lijve: Body-oriented psychotherapy, According to Pesso van Attekum, Marietta
Book About a body: working with the embodied mind in psychotherapy Corrigall, J., Payne, H. & Wilkinson, H. (eds)
Book Acupuncture case histories from China Jirui, Chen; Wang, Nissi; (ed)
Book Adaptive individuals in evolving populations: Models and algorithms Belew, Richard K.; Mitchell, Melanie (Eds)
Book Adrenergic dysfunction and psychobiology Cameron, Oliver G. (Ed)
Book Advances in reversal theory Kerr, J. H.; Murgatroyd, Stephen J.; Apter, Michael J. (Eds)
Book Affect regulation and disorders of the self Schore, Allan N.
Book Affect regulation and the origin of the self : The neurobiology of emotional development Schore, Allan N.
Book Affect regulation and the repair of the self Schore, Allan N.