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Type Conference Title/Lecture Presenter/Author
Conference "Getting to the Heart of the Matter" In Depth Explorations of Body Psychotherapy: 5th USABP National Conference Barstow, Cedar
Conference Behavioral and psychosocial issues in diabetes
Conference Behavioral treatment of disease
Conference Cardiovascular-Respiratory and -Somatic Integration in Psychophysiology North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Aff
Conference Computer Animation '97
Conference Emotions and disease : An exhibition at the National Library of Medicine Fee, Elizabeth; Sternberg, Esther M. (Directors);
Conference Hormones and behaviour (8th International Congress of the International Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Conference Life stress and bodily disease Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Dis
Conference Life Stress and Illness
Conference Mathematics with vision (First International Mathematica Symposium)
Conference Mind made disease : A clinician's guide to recent research (twenty-fourth Annual Conference of the S
Conference Neurologic and psychiatric aspects of clonazepam : An update Guy Chouinard
Conference Proceedings of 4th International Core Energetics Conference
Conference Psychiatric medicine American College of Psychiatrists
Conference Psychosocial factors in disease
Conference Psychosomatic Concept in Psychoanalysis Symposium
Conference Psychosomatic factors in chronic illnesses
Conference Psychosomatic medicine : A core approach to clinical medicine : Education, practice, research and theory
Conference Psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine (7th World Congress of Psychiatry)
Conference Stress and psychosomatics