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Type Title Filmmaker
Film I am a doctor on expedition Moessner, Heidrun
Film Infant Feeding at Six Weeks Axelrod, S.; Brody, S.
Film Practising as a Buddhist Psychotherapist Bays Hogan
Film This is a test JB
Film Wilhelm Reich: Viva little man Digna Meller-Marcovicz
Film Wlhelm Reich in Hell Robert Anton Wilson
Film WR: Mysteries of the Organism Makavejev, Dusan
Tape Body psychotherapy in clinical application Grand, Ian; Kepner, Jim; Klopstech, Angela; Rothschild, Babette
Tape Bodynamic analytic work with depression: identifying the origins and working with the body Marcher, Lisbeth
Tape Bridging pre- & peri-natal psychology with somatic psychology Glenn, Marti; Rand, Marjorie; Ventling, Christa & Weaver, Judith
Tape Containment or catharsis Pope, Thomas
Tape Couples and catharsis: Taming the tigers Ladd, Ann
Tape Defense: False self orr self-regulation: The concept of 'Armoring' revisited Black, Stuart; Brown, Malcolm; Frank, Ruella; Isaacs, Joel & Johanson, Gregory
Tape Developmental movement: An exploration of body-mind centering and bodynamic analysis Cohen, Bonnie Bainbridge; Marcher, Lisbeth
Tape Eva Reich's 'butterfly touch' massage Overly, Richard C.
Tape Exploring relationships from a radix perspective May, John & McKenzie, Narelle
Tape From Mesmer via Hypnosis to Freud: The beliefs underlying psychotherapeutic theories and practices. A typical example: Bioenergetic Analysis from Reich and Lowen Jacques Berliner
Tape Healing pre-natal & peri-natal imprints nwithin a body-psychotherapy group Glenn, Marti
Tape How the body remembers trauma Rothschild, Babette
Tape Integrating work with the body into psychotherapy practice Baum, Scott; Bridges, Michael; Wink-Hilton, Virginia; Weaver, Judith