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The body of life: Body psychotherapy in the real world

Type: Conference

Conference: The body of life: Body psychotherapy in the real world

Presenter: John May

Date: June, 2005
Location: Tuscon, AZ, USA
Type: Paper

Lecture title: A Review of the Objective Literature on Body Psychotherapy [2nd Edition]
Format: Proceedings pp. 380-398


I presented the first review of the objective literature on body psychotherapy in 1998 at the USABP Conference in Boulder. That review was published in the Conference Proceedings, which, I believe, are still available from the USABP Office. Time limits here prevent anything more than a brief summary of the literature I contacted then and now. I hope to submit more extensive reports on the literature to the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal.
The total number of studies included in this review equals 62. 16 of these were covered in my 1998 review, and 46 were not.


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry date: 18 August 2005

Key Phrases: Research - Critical Review
References: 5 Refs, 62 studies
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