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7th EABP Congress for Body-Psychotherapy, 1999

Type: Conference

Conference: 7th EABP Congress for Body-Psychotherapy, 1999

Presenter: Ulrich Soeder et al.

Date: 1999
Location: Travem
Type: Seminar

Lecture title: An outcome of bodypsychotherapy - an evaluation study
Format: Paper: 7 pp


Summary of research into the effectiveness of Body Psychotherapy - an ongoing naturalistic outcome study. Looking at what the characteristics of clients in body psychotherapy attending private practice and what is the outcome of body psychotherapy under naturalistic conditions. Information is gained through questionnaires after 6 months and at the end of therapy (after 24 months at the limit). The questionnaire contains sociodemagraphic data and well-established checklist on bodily complaints, psychological symptoms, interpersonal problems, and self-efficacy. The samples consist of 120 clients between 18-64 years seeing each body psychotherapist. It is being collected by the Hakomi Integrative Psychology Institute of Europe e.V.


Author's institution: IGF Institut f
Language: English
Country origin: Germany

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Entry date: 13 April 1998

Key Phrases: Research - Practice - Outcome studies - Evaluation - Efficacy
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