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Eva Reich's 'butterfly touch' massage

Type: Tape

Title: Eva Reich's 'butterfly touch' massage

Presenter: Overly, Richard C.

Year: 1991
Occassion of film/tape:
Location of film/tape: Asheville, NC

Running time / reel: 45 mins /
Format: Audio tape


A description of Eva Reich's theory of Gentle Bioenergetics which promotes nurturing and healing for all ages and bonding between baby and parent.


Author's institution: Gentle Bioenergetics Institute, Asheville, NC, USA
Country origin: USA

Entry number: 1937
English version:

Entry source: Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 7 June 2002

Key Phrases: Bionergetics - Massage - Infants - Children
Other information: