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WR: Mysteries of the Organism

Type: Film

Title: WR: Mysteries of the Organism

Presenter: Makavejev, Dusan

Year: 1971. Cannes
Occassion of film/tape:
Location of film/tape:

Running time / reel: 10 reels: /
Format: 16 mm


Abstract 1: (from cover) CANNES, France ... Somewhere along in every film festival there comes taht one folm that electrifies everybody, that sets everyone from the man in the street to the president of a major American company talking about it with the same passionate enthusiasm. This year (1971) that film is WR - MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM, diretced by Yugoslavia's Dusan Makavejev, shown last night ... to a standing-room-only audience that cheered and screamed and applauded for a good quarter of an hour at 2 0'clock in the morning!

(Winner of the Luis Bunel Prize, Cannes 1971 and the Golden Hugo for Best Director, Chicago Film Festival, 1971)

Abstract 2: A unique blend of fact and fiction juxtaposing the story of the sexual encounter between the beautiful, liberated Milena and a Soviet figure-skating champion with an exploration of the life and theories of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.


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Country origin: Yugoslavia

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Key Phrases: Reich - History
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