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Exploring relationships from a radix perspective

Type: Tape

Title: Exploring relationships from a radix perspective

Presenter: May, John & McKenzie, Narelle

Year: June, 2002
Occassion of film/tape: Convergence & Emergence : 3rd National USABP Conference: Workshop
Location of film/tape: Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore MA

Running time / reel: / 1 tape
Format: Audiotape cassette


Body Psychotherapists have spoken insightfully about our relationships with ourselves. Can attunement to the body enrich our understanding of processes between people? What concepts, what kind of language should we use? Using both their diverse experiences and shared background as Radix Practitioners, [the presenters] grappled with questions such as these , directing attention to relationships in general, and the therapeutic relationship in particular.


Author's institution: St Louis Psychoanalytic Institute, Webster University, St Louis; Australian Radix Training Centre
Contact: www.conferencerecording.com
Country origin: USA

Entry number: 1987
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Entry source: Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 13 June 2002

Key Phrases: Relationships - Body Awareness
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