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Bridging pre- & peri-natal psychology with somatic psychology

Type: Tape

Title: Bridging pre- & peri-natal psychology with somatic psychology

Presenter: Glenn, Marti; Rand, Marjorie; Ventling, Christa & Weaver, Judith

Year: June, 2002
Occassion of film/tape: Convergence & Emergence : 3rd National USABP Conference: Panel
Location of film/tape: Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore MA

Running time / reel: / 1 tape
Format: Audiotape cassette


A natural affinity exists between these two fields. Though they evolved relatively independently, their basic tenets are strikingly similar. In many cases, a difference of degree rather than kind is operating. Both fields seem to recognize elemental features of human experience not included in dominant paradigms of psychotherapy , and both seek to both extend and reorient them. This panel identified some of the bridges that naturally occur between the two fields and suggested ways in which they might nourish and support each other.


Author's institution: USABP
Contact: www.conferencerecording.com
Country origin: USA

Entry number: 1990
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Entry source: Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 13 June 2002

Key Phrases: Pre-natal - Peri-natal - Birth - Somatic Psychology - Theory
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