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We are continually looking for new material to expand the Bibliography. We are especially looking for new material from:

National Associations for Body-Psychotherapy: There is a lot of material in your country that we currently don’t have access to because of our limitations with your language abilities. It is probably only available in your national language. We would like this material to be entered in the Bibliography using our on-line entry system. We ask that you translate any entries in your own language into English and make a second parallel English entry. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact us.

Training Organizations: We would like to obtain listings of all the many student theses, training materials, conferences papers, tapes, etc. that Body-Psychotherapy organizations and training institutes have available in their centres for their students. Firstly, we would really like to have this material listed. So ... we would be prepared to offer a small honorarium to a student at the particular Training Centre to enter this material into the on-line database. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact us.

Individuals: You may have material at home (your bookshelves probably contain many books and journals), or you may know of other B-P/S-P material that 'should' be in this database. This is your chance to contribute. Please send us the material that you know about by using the ‘New Entry’ facility on the database. It only takes a few minutes. Please, first use the Internet database search facility to check if we don't have this material, or if it is incomplete, and then fill in the New Entry form and send it to us. For material in your own langauge (if not English), please remember to make a second (English language) entry with a translation of the title and abstract, etc. Please contact us.

Body Psychotherapy Methods and Modalities: There are now many - quite separate - methods and modalities within the whole field of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology. We are very interested in "linking up" with all these, in some way, so that their training and reference material can become more widely known about - and available - and possibly that their archives can become part of this 'project'. Please contact us.

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