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Computer Animation '97 : June 5-6, 1997, Geneva, Switzerland

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Article or website name: Computer Animation '97 : June 5-6, 1997, Geneva, Switzerland




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Contents: Fast Collision Detection among Multiple Moving Spheres / D.-J. Kim, L. J. Guibas and S.-Y. Shin -- Emotional Posturing: A Method Towards Achieving Emotional Figure Animation / D. J. Densley and P. J. Willis -- Animating Flow Fields: Rendering of Oriented Line Integral Convolution / R. Wegenkittl, E. Groller and W. Purgathofer -- Collaborative Environments of IntelligentBox for Distributed 3D Graphic Applications / Y. Okada and Y. Tanaka -- Interaction between Real and Virtual Humans in Augmented Reality / S. Balcisoy and D. Thalmann -- PROVIS: A Platform for Virtual Prototyping and Maintenance Tests / O. Balet, H. Luga and Y. Duthen [et al.] -- Capturing and Analyzing Stability of Human Body Motions using Video Cameras / Y. Shinagawa, J. Nakajima and T. L. Kunii [et al.] -- Automatic 3D Cloning and Real-Time Animation of a Human Face / M. Escher and N. M. Thalmann -- Formal Description of Auditory Scenes / A. Darvishi and H. Schauer.


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