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An explanation of the development of my somatic psychotherapy work

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Article or website name: An explanation of the development of my somatic psychotherapy work

Author: Weaver, Judyth O.


Country: USA

Type: Body-Psychotherapy Education & Courses

URL: www.judythweaver.com


Judyth 0. Weaver is certified in Reichian therapy, Somatic Experiencing, massage, and pre- and perinatal therapy and is a teacher of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Rosen Method and Sensory Awareness. This article takes the reader through her teaming and working process, including her work and studies with Eva Reich, to the evolution of her own body psychotherapy. The reader vitnesses the power and subtly of her work through sessions with a particular client^There is also an example of a small piece of work that she did in a classroom. The point is made that it is paramount to meet clients vhere they are, to support them in they way they need support, rather than force a technique onto them. During a session a client may focus on their breath, touch is likely to be involved, and awareness is cultivated. Awareness leads to choice and this opens the possibility of change. Somatic Reclaiming is a natural, gentle process of resolving and releasing past conditioning and then reclaiming our innate goodness that was always lere deep within. (CCB)


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry source: Colleen Campbell Barshop
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 29 December 2005

Key Phrases: Body Psychotherapy - Practice
Other information: see article in USABP Journal 4: 2 : 2005 (2365)