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Medical orgonomy

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Article or website name: Medical orgonomy

Author: Baker, Elsworth

Institution: The American College of Orgonomy

Country: USA

Type: Body-Psychotherapy Education & Courses

URL: orgonomy.org


Orgonomy was developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., as the scientific study of argone energy (life energy). This article gives a clear history of how Reich's theories developed, including the central observation that if a person is capable or becomes capable of complete sexuat release at the moment of orgasm they naturally regulate their energy metabolism and will remain free of' neurosis. From this and other observations Reich arrived at a theory of 'sex economy' which rests upon the natural functions of charge and discharge of energy. Almost all people, because of the culture they grow up in, haveenergy blocks in various areas of the body and these are largely manifested as chronic muscle contractions. Medical orgone therapy, the mind-body treatment developed by Reich, is practiced only by physicians that are board certified in the specialty of psychiatry. It focuses both on removing physical armoring and addressing the individual's specific character attitudes. This article gives a thorough and approachable explanation of the theory and method of treatment, tt includes how armor is fonned in infancy and childhood, how it becomes layered and distributed in tthe individual, and how the therapist proceeds in treatment. The ultirnate goal is orgastic potency and, while this is not always attained, many lasting benefits come about as armor is dissolved.


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Language: English
Country origin: USA

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Entry source: Colleen Campbell Barshop
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 2 January 2006

Key Phrases: Body Psychotherapy - Orgonomy
Other information: see article in USABP Journal 4: 2 : 2005 (2365): article also in Journal of Orgonomy 11(2)