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On-line Magazine

Type: Website

Article or website name: On-line Magazine

Author: Fischer, J

Institution: Fischer-ORGON-Technik

Country: Germany

Type: Information

URL: www.orgon.de.


German language. Nothing on body-oriented psychotherapy. Products and prices of CDs and articles; orgone energy accumulators; 'shooters'; etc.
Among other things, contained a 'movie' showing pulsing particles or exploding fireworks which, as they fell to earth, faded out into the portrait of Wilhelm Reich, and all the while played Shubert's 'Ave Maria.' Have we perhaps gone a little overboard in our deification (or financial exploitation)of Reich? (JM)


Author's institution: Fischer-ORGON-Technik
Contact: orgon@freenet.de
Language: German
Country origin: Germany

Entry number: 2222
English version:

Entry source: John May & Courtenay Young
Entered by: Courtenay Young
Entry date: 15 November 2005

Key Phrases: Reich - Orgone
Other information: